Blind Item: An Email Fail Tells All

By Kiran Aditham Comment


Let’s shake off the Turkey Day rust with a tidbit we’ve actually been hearing about since Nov. 11 to be exact. We’ve brought this up to friends at the agency supposedly involved in this blind ditty, but since we’ve yet to receive the actual memo/item in question, we’ve slept on it. But, thanks to a tipster who woke us up this morning, we might as well dust things off, send a smoke signal and let you know that a certain memo went out to an entire region within a certain well-known agency network that included an attachment that, well, revealed a little TMI. Here’s the first tip we received and subsequent ones (all from different IPs) below:

Nov. 11: “I can’t be the only one sending you the story of <redacted>, Head of HR for <redacted>, who, on Friday, accidentally sent an agency-wide email with an attachment that listed everyone’s salary. Needless to say there are a lot of people dusting off their resumes and looking for other employment.”

Nov. 12: “<Redacted> entire staff salaries emailed out by director of hr <redacted>. Vast differences in salaries in similar positions. ┬áBosses making less than people who report to them. Women making less than half of men in same position. ┬áLots of different probably lawsuit worthy examples.”

Nov. 12: “Might be worth checking into the <redacted> scandal going on right now. Apparently a company wide email went out with the title. ‘Everyone’s Current Salary.’ How’s that for juicy gossip?”

So, yes, tipster from this morning, we have heard about it and we appreciate you refreshing our memory. Obviously, this is a pretty sensitive issue, which perhaps explains why we haven’t received much in the way of tangible info. But, if anyone has more that we can roll with or can just give us an update, don’t hesitate to shout.