BBH Interns Start Social Media Flash Mob for ‘Sartalics’

By Bob Marshall Comment

If there ever was a 21st century problem, it would be have to be the difficulty of conveying sarcasm on the internet. Hey, it’s hard to tell when someone’s being snarky in type at times, and following up sentences with (sarcasm) is just a little cumbersome. Luckily, BBH has interns to help solve the world’s virtual problems.

“Sartalics” are just like italics but leaning left, and they’re an easy font solution to denoting sarcasm while typing. But, of course, there is no standard computer operation that makes it functionally possible, and it would have to be in widespread use from technology companies first in order for consumers to catch on worldwide. To make their campaign known, the fearless interns are gathering together a Twitter mob of 10,000 strong to simultaneously tweet at tech giants Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, Tumblr, YouTube and Apple, “@(company name and person in charge of decisions at said company here) needs a sarcasm font style option way more than another layout update! #nosarcasm.” By signing up for the app, your message to the tech giants will be sent out exactly when the campaign hits 10,000 participants.

Unfortunately, the Sartalics website has no virtual counter, and its Twitter account only has a little over 200 followers, so this campaign has a long way to go before hitting that magic 10K. Good luck though, interns. If it works, you’ll probably get hired at BBH for a huge salary (sarcasm).