Apparently, Santa is Pissed Off About Felix Baumgartner

By Erik Oster Comment

Our latest ridiculous holiday item comes courtesy of full-service shop, Laughlin Constable.

You might remember Felix Baumgartner receiving credit for setting the world’s record in skydiving for Red Bull and breaking the sound barrier in the process. Baumgartner’s freefall from the edge of space was touted as one of a kind. But Santa Clauss (who happens to be pretty tatted-up) is pissed about that, explaining in the above video, entitled “Project Northus Polus,” that his elf jumpers have been diving from space for years. Why should Baumgartner get all the credit? So this year Santa is documenting the process of becoming a jumper elf, and he wants your help. Head on over to Laughlin’s holiday site, read the jumper profiles and cast your vote. Then, tune in on Christmas day to watch the winner’s space jump. There’s also a Summit Plummet game you can play on the site for some holiday-themed fun. We’ve got to say, we’ve seen our share of unusual holiday items this year, but nothing like Project Northus Polus. Thanks for keeping things fresh, Laughlin Constable.