Anomaly’s Revenue Streams

By SuperSpy Comment


Like everyone else in the business, we’ve been hungrily watching agencies dip into the world of intellectual property. We just spoke to the Brooklyn Brothers about their dabblings in intellectual property. We also spoke with Richie Grantham whose agency, Sarkissian Mason, is deep into digital IP.

Now, we see that Adweek has spoken with Anomaly who has long made IP a cornerstone of marketing for their agency. Anomaly has launched their latest spin-off business, i/denti/tee, which allows consumers to put the lyrics of their favorite song a eco-friendly t-shirt. With every purchase, buyers receive a code to download any 10 songs of your choice for free on iTunes. Not bad. This might actually work out.

Other Anomaly projects include: a shaving cream launched with Target, a mobile commerce application called ShopText and a partnership with Le Bernadin super chef Eric Ripert. The traditional side of the agency’s business include Converse and like everyone and their mother, Coke. Still, money man for the shop Carl Johnson calls these new businesses a stock portfolio, that has helped the agency recruit talent, clients and allowed their billing structure to shift to a percentage of sales. In this economy, it’s probably best to mix up the revenue streams, no?

Whether you hate or love the agency, you’ve got to give them props for going out on the limb and working this IP angle and like hard.

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