Andrew Keller Loves Him Some Journey, Def Leppard

By Kiran Aditham Comment

Our pals at the Denver Egotist posted an item that introduces us to the Andrew Keller Experience, which as you guessed, features the CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky. It’s hard to tell from the footage and cock-rock get-up (oy, we really can’t wait for Battle of the Ad Bands now), but yes, that is Keller on guitar (is that Leif Garrett on vocals?) and the rest of his Experience doing their bar-band version of karaoke staples “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by Journey and Def Leppard, respectively.

Not much more to explain except the clips come from a CP+B party that was thrown a few weeks ago at Absinthe House in Boulder. Regardless if you think they have chops or not, at least it looks like the boys are having fun. Now, does anyone have a lighter we can borrow?