And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert Comment

The holiday season being upon us, why not take a break from your long and arduous week for a little old-fashioned internet watching? It’s stress-relieving and at works, will make you late for something. So no real loss there. Sit back and enjoy our weekly recap of the best videos to waste your time, that also have an advertising bent. Zombies, trolls, aliens and cheetahs people – we’ve got them all.

6. Mother-fucking zombies. They’re everywhere yo. TV, real life, the movies, elevators. They’re like air, floating around and into your lungs without so much as a how’s your father. Luckily, this execution doesn’t bother me. It makes me happy, in fact, to see. Why? You don’t care, the zombies will make you watch anyway.

5. Trolls are what made AgencySpy go from weblog to “holy shit have you read AgencySpy today?” So we’ve got carnal knowledge of the troll-set (though we don’t approve of their tactics – I’m just saying they have been here in the past). Microsoft takes a jab at their own product in this one, and if you haven’t seen it, I think you’ll agree it’s a breath of troll-fresh air.

4. They say imitation is a form of flattery, and flattery is all anyone could give “Dumb Ways to Die”, the video about train safety that made the rounds a few weeks back. Here is its parody, “Cool Things to Find”, set to the same art direction and tune, and just as awesome.

3. Can’t talk. Mesmerized by slo-mo Cheetah.

2. The Onion, which is a social media behemoth of sorts, hates on social in this fantastical video that will depress and delight you.

1. There is no number one. Just deal with it.