And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert Comment

How’s your diet going? And the workouts? Whether you’re gung-ho for working out or just eating Ho-Hos (before they go extinct), you need something to kill the time between workouts – because let’s be honest, work isn’t cutting it. Hence, a flurry of quasi ad-related videos of the week to keep you busy. Let’s jump in.

5. CES is all the chatter this week, and so far there’s only one product that seems to be relevant to the ad world. Cheers. Not the bar in Boston, but digitally connected ice cubes that tell you when you’ve had too much to drink and text a friend to notify them TO JOIN THE PARTY!!! Or to pick you up. Cool demo, now!

4. This Pebble watch is mind-boggling. It connects to your iPhone and lets you change the music, check texts and updates from your favorite kiddie social networks, and the weather (probably). But to me a second screen for your phone doesn’t make sense unless you can also watch pr0n. So, useless! Or totally awesome and going to change the world. Whatever.






3. If you are in the working out camp, this story of a disabled war vet who lost 140 EL BEES will inspire the crap out of you. Or shame you into another year of aforementioned Ho-Ho to mouth exercises.

2. You have to watch this clip of the first giant squid caught on video because these things have been around since primordial ooze and we only got a camera on them just now.

1. You know Tim Horton’s is loving this video of old guys singing “Can you feel the love tonight” while they sip coffee. It’s got 200k views and now that we’ve got our hands on it, it’ll have 7 more. VIRAL!

BONUS ANIMAL VIDEO. This clip of a dog teaching a puppy how to go down the stairs is just too much. Enjoy it as your heart melts and you die promptly after.