And Now, a Mid-Day Movember Leftover, Courtesy of Dailey


By Kiran Aditham Comment

Ok, ok, guess we lied on Friday when we said we were wrapping Movember things up and yes, posting about an agency effort to support the cause in December kind of defeats the purpose. But what the hell, we promise this is the last one for the year and it comes to us from L.A.-based Dailey, specifically “Todd T-Vizzle” Vanecko, who happens to serve as director of creative services at the IPG-owned agency. Sure, the expiration date for “Sexy and I Know It” has probably long since passed, but that hasn’t stopped Vanecko and company from offering up the above, Movember-themed homage to LMFAO. Dailey, by the way, did manage to raise nearly $4k for the month, so perhaps you can excuse¬† them for rehashing a played-out tune. Movember coverage is now complete.