‘A Chair Named Clarity’ Saves Life in Short Film

By Jordan Teicher Comment

While your office chair may be a standard rollie, only capable of swiveling around as you head to the bathroom to put off work, some extraordinary chairs, like the star of A Chair Named Clarity go beyond the call of duty. In a commissioned short film for office supply company Allsteel, writer/director Nickolaus Duarte tells the story of a young chair that travels to the big city for “a hero’s journey” to save his ailing mother (who happens to be human).

Why, you ask? (Humor me and ask). Because Clarity’s human mother gets sick after sitting in an uncomfortable wooden chair. At this point, it would’ve been wise for Clarity’s mother to change chairs, since her child is somehow an office chair. But then, you realize that this three-and-a-half-minute short film is a small piece of branded content that is just trying to eek out a few laughs from viewers and maybe sell some office furniture, so making sense of it might not make too much sense.