Manage the Convergence of TV and Digital

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 28, 2019)
Nearly three-quarters of media buyers want to make smarter, audience-based decisions for both digital and linear TV, according to VideoAmp’s 2019 State of the Industry survey. But few are effectively leveraging first- and third-party data. A shift needs to take place. Instead of using on broad-based age, gender and other vanity metrics, advertisers need to optimize on businesses outcomes that matter such as sales lift, store visits and conversions.

Ads, Lies and Videotape

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 27, 2019)
You’ve been told that video belongs in your marketing strategy. You’ve heard that viewership is becoming increasingly fragmented. All those rumors are true. But there are also lies about the best way to execute video … lies that are holding you back from creating great content and campaigns and reaching your audience across devices. It’s time to debunk those misconceptions.

Navigate the Platform Wars

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 20, 2019)
Facebook and Google continue to rake in the lion’s share of digital ad spend. But Amazon’s treasure trove of consumer data has allowed the company to snag a spot as the third-largest digital ad platform in the U.S. Does this make them a contender to take on the digital duopoly? Absolutely. And all advertisers—agencies and brands alike—need to have a plan to navigate this new platform reality.

Avoid the Media Channel Overload Trap

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 15, 2019)
Just how big can the snowball of media channels and communication methods get? Techies will forever be innovating ways to connect with consumers. But not every new channel is right for every brand. Two things trip marketers up. First is the speed at which these channels pop up, demanding fast decisions. The second is the allure of the new—the “shiny new penny” syndrome.

How to Personalize in the Age of Privacy

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 14, 2019)
Mounting concerns about privacy are putting the consumer data that powers personalization under scrutiny. How can brands meet consumer expectations for personalization while also addressing their desire for privacy and control over their data? To answer this question, Jebbit has undertaken an ongoing research project into what brands consumers trust with their personal information and why.

Create Truly Impactful YouTube Campaigns

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 13, 2019)
There are a number of ingredients that go into delivering a successful YouTube advertising campaign. At the core, however, you need to start with great video creative and be sure you have an idea of how you define and measure impact. Google has created an ABCD approach for effective YouTube creative: Attract, Brand, Connect, Direct.

7 Psychological Triggers Every Marketer Should Master

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 8, 2019)
Understanding the way people think and feel is critical to building marketing messages that resonate. Knowing which emotional and cognitive strings you can pull can help you craft campaigns that move people to engage and take action. So, what are the most powerful psychological triggers and how can you leverage them effectively to improve your messaging and marketing performance?

How Bayer Took Control of Its Data

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 7, 2019)
Every brand faces challenges when it brings responsibility for its marketing and advertising data in house. Pharma leader Bayer has embraced cross-platform marketing intelligence to create a system of record and insight across all of its programmatic advertising and marketing. The goal: increase its speed-to-insight and enhance trust that the data it is using is accurate and actionable.

7 Key Insights Into Social Strategy

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 6, 2019)
Social media marketing changes rapidly, but do you know how your company’s strategy is faring? How prepared are you to take advantage of social’s next big leap? What do marketers want from their social analytics solutions? NetBase surveyed more than 1,700 marketers to get their insights on where brand marketing programs stand today, how they are evolving, and the practices used to measure success.

Climate Change and Creativity

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast August 1, 2019)
Color is a language. Perspective is a way of seeing. Both of these design principles tell a story that connects with the viewer on a deeper level. That’s why many innovative storytellers are finding that elements that are sourced from nature resonate deeply with viewers. Color and perspective in nature have the silent power to convey meaning and elicit emotion, something that can change behavior and drive customer loyalty.