Take Personalization to New Places

Available on Demand (Originally Broadcast April 18, 2019)
Multichannel marketing is a key way for brands to connect directly with their consumer, but workflow and supply chain issues are often a barrier. Now, data management technology combined with advanced print can change the dynamic so that personalized media is neither complex nor cost-prohibitive. When used for limited time offers or new-product launches, even personalized packaging can have a huge impact.

How Land O’ Lakes Builds a Modern Marketecture

Available on Demand (Originally Broadcast April 17, 2019)
Land O' Lakes Inc. is one of America's premier agribusiness and food companies with a mission to feed human progress. Driven by insights and innovation, the company leverages data from farm to fork to power its businesses. This requires an alignment of people, process and technology to understand the impact of its marketing and fuel growth.

The Advertising Opportunity in China

Available on Demand (Originally Broadcast April 16, 2019)
With a huge connected population and a burgeoning middle class, China is a bigger-than-ever opportunity for advertisers. But to capture the country’s growing consumer spend – it is predicted to become the world’s largest consumer of goods this year – marketers must learn how to break through to China’s mobile-first audiences.

Top Brands Go Cross-Channel

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast April 11, 2019)
Media teams take note: Cross-channel advertising goes way beyond orchestrating media planning and buying. Having the right ad creative is key to driving results. Hear from guest speaker Joanna O’Connell, principal analyst at Forrester, about how media pros can team up with creative partners to bring cross-channel together.

7 Social Analytics Best Practices of Leading Luxury Brands

Available On-Demand (Originally Broadcast April 9, 2019)
How do top luxury brands use analytics to propel their brands on social media? Social analytics platform NetBase has analyzed and ranked the social media of major luxury brands in fashion, hotels, jewelry, automobiles, beauty and more. They’ll be sharing these results along with case studies of how these companies use social analytics to grow and protect their brands.