You Write (So I Don’t Have To)

You Write (So I Don't Have To)

Rule # 2: Don’t ask cabbies for directions to Brooklyn

Yesterday, Fishbowl stood on a tiny street in Brooklyn Heights and marveled at the number of clueless white people in what looked like summer clothing who stalked around, bewildered. Turns […]

Fringe Publication of the Week: Beverly Hills 213

I'm obsessed with the free giveaway publications of Los Angeles.


NOTE: From time-to-time, since not all the news of interest can be expected to just fall into your lap, Fishbowl will venture into “real reporting” and “talking” to “sources.” With […]

The Next Big (or Small) Thing

The Next Big (or Small) Thing

The Exodus Continues

We’re beginning to fear that all of these reporters abandoning Washington know something we don’t. Word tonight that the AP’s Chief Political Writer Ron Fournier and U.S. News and World […]



[sic] E&P’s Washington Press Core

We’ve been working today on pulling together some information about tomorrow’s launch of the free Washington Examiner, but we’d thought in the meantime we’d thank an eagle-eyed reader for this […]

Well, compared to murder, fabricating stories isn’t so bad, now is it?

Finkel returns

Yesterday’s news: still funny today

Reprisals for everyone!