Paparazzi Industry Over-Saturated

So says the NYT. Despite the recent high-profile counter-example, fees paid by magazine for candid celebrity shots are declining: Gary Morgan, co-owner of Splash News, a photo agency that specializes […]

Young Landmarks

Young Landmarks

An Era Ends — But Does A New One Begin?

Jason Binn’s new de-luxe Capitol File Magazine today announced its top leadership: AOL CityGuide’s Managing Editor Kate Gibbs will be editor-in-chief and, as previously heard, Gossip Guru Anne Schroeder will […]

Downtown News Demystifies L.A. Observed

On the occasion of the second anniversary of L.A. Observed, perhaps the only genuinely useful media blog in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Downtown News profiles site auteur Kevin Roderick […]

More! Bigger! Wolf!

As had been rumored, Jon Klein told the CNN staff this morning that Wolf Blitzer’s daily programming will be expanding to three hours a day, probably beginning over the summer. […]

WaPoCo Still Making Money

Rest assured Washingtonians: Newspapers may be dying, but the Washington Post is still making money–largely, of course, thanks to its non-newspaper business divisions. Despite big advertising drops at Newsweek and […]

A Curbed-Dive Into The Gutter

A Curbed-Dive Into The Gutter

Wolcott: Fare thee well, Tina, you were so much better than being pleasured at a cheap massage parlor

Topic [A] is coming to an end and James Wolcott will miss Tina Brown. He’ll miss her professionalism, her courtesy, and her humor; but it’s her town cars he’ll miss […]

True Love?

As you make this morning’s commute on the Metro, look carefully around the subway and study who’s reading the Express and who’s reading the Examiner. Is one of them meant […]

Reforming The Gray Lady

Kit Seelye gets the uncomfortable job today of writing up a NYT report on how the paper’s leadership recommend reforming the newspaper–including limiting anonymous sourcing, reducing factual errors, increasing coverage […]