Dan Neil Shaves His Underchassis

Yesterday, in his recently launched LAT Magazine column, Dan Neil looked at the new Gillette M3Power razor. He notes: Meanwhile, the great unspoken truth behind the razor wars is this: […]

Chalmers M. Roberts, 1910 – 2005

Chalmers Roberts, the Washington Post’s chief diplomatic correspondent through the height of the Cold War and an integral figure in the Pentagon Papers controversy, died on April 8 at age […]

Making Us Hungry, Part II

From Sunday’s new NYT op-ed pages: Between Terri Schiavo and the pope, we’ve feasted on decomposing bodies for almost a solid month now. Thanks, Frank (Rich, not Bruni. Though if […]

Weekend Intrigue and Hints

Lots of little media items of note over the weekend, perhaps fittingly considering that yesterday was the birthday of Joseph Pulitzer himself. Lots of intrigue, rumors, and speculation circulating out […]

The Media Forecast: Doom, Doom, Death, More Doom, Doom, Lunch, Doom

The Media Forecast: Doom, Doom, Death, More Doom, Doom, Lunch, Doom

Fishbowl Tech Difficulties: Karma’s a bitch

The folks at Sploid have every right to snicker: Fishbowl regrets to report that we’ve been having Movable Type issues today. Sorry for the delayed posts and absence of pretty […]

Can’t Wait for This!

Can't Wait for This!

Unforeseen Beige-ness

Unforeseen Beige-ness

WHCA Tips Hat to Fournier, Page

Speaking of the White House Correspondents Association dinner, the WHCA has announced who will be taking home awards and giant three figure checks from the gala. For the fourth time, […]

Are We Over Our Car Fetish? NY Times Can’t Decide

From today’s New York Times: Cellphones are to Romans what cars are to Angelinos: status symbols. What? Say what? Less than a month ago, I learned from Lynn Hirschberg’s piece […]