Dishing About Dishing

Karen Feld today has penned an ode to the Grand Dame of Gossip, Liz Smith, who was in town to discuss her new book, Dishing. As the two ladies dined […]

John Simon: 80 and still ornery as hell

Ousted New York theater critic John Simon has the last word in this week’s Time Out New York, with a frank and unrestrained interview. Known and loved for his acerbic, […]

Lloyd Grove’s Lowdown: We’re great, just ask us!

Give Lloyd Grove a pat on the back! Or just let him do it for you. In today’s Lowdown, Lloyd puffs up with pride over his many celebrated scoops, including […]

Modern Living: Florida Style

Modern Living: Florida Style

Media Miscellany: 05.19.2005

Brigid: Frigid? Former Paris Review interim editrix Brigid Hughes will launch a new literary magazine called A Public Space, which will focus on fiction and poetry. Leaving recent MEL-topping articles […]

Wasting Urban Land?

Wasting Urban Land?

Revenge of the Slate, and other Star Wars puns from Michael Wolff’s favorite website

Millions of Star Wars fans have spent the past few weeks grabbing their lightsabers and “using the force” in excitement over the new “Star Wars” (aka the old “Star Wars,” […]

‘Big Heads and Little Resumes’

Terry Moran’s choice exchange with White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan earlier this week is continuing to rumble around online, fueled partly by a less-than-thoughtful debate between Moran and talk […]

A Building I Like

A Building I Like

WaPo Interviews Hilton Sidekick Hacker

… who turns out to be a(n anonymous) teenage member of an online hacking gang. Awesome, dude! (link via Jossip / Defamer)