Crazy like a fox

So when will the long-rumored, incredibly cool Firefox ad finally appear in The New York Times? OK, let’s back up a bit. Firefox is a new Web browser that has […]

You ought not be in pictures

The good news: People notice in-theater commercials. The bad news: People dislike them. In an InsightExpress survey of moviegoers, 91 percent said they notice the commercials shown before the featured […]

Livin’ la vida larga

On the weekend, AdFreak likes to while away the hours poring over The New York Times real estate section, looking at houses and apartments we could never afford. Which is […]

London calling for Apple

More evidence, as if we needed it, that the U2/Apple partnership is a humdinger of sweet synergy: U2 didn’t pay a visit (they played Saturday Night Live this weekend, and […]

A little bit of Mexico on Astor Place

It’s 63 degrees and mostly cloudy outside the AdFreak offices right now, and yet there’s a bunch of women sunbathing in bikinis down by the uptown 6 stop on Astor […]

All you have to do is dream

At AdFreak, we love to analyze dreams. So when we came across a recent online ad for Virgin Atlantic Airways that interpreted them for us, we were hooked. First, we […]

Not as floored

When we first read that Phil Knight had decided to hire a guy from S.C. Johnson (William D. Perez) to replace him as head honcho at Nike, we were confused. […]

Enjoy the holidays richly

Oh goody, one less thing AdFreak has to shop for—gift tags. True, money isn’t everything, as Fallon and “Live richly” client Citi love to remind us. But even they know […]

Fit to be tied

With a chiseled physique to rival Thomas Jane’s and hair that might make Donald Trump cringe, John Basedow has been all over cable TV of late touting his “Fitness Made […]

Opie and Anthony fans invade Howard Stern appearance!

This just in to the AdFreak newsroom. It appears that Howard Stern’s appearance in Union Square today to give out free Sirius units (see post below) was — gasp! — […]