Cords go horizontal

Is it better horizontal? From San Francisco comes a solution to a problem that, frankly, we didn’t know was a problem.  Anyone who needs to be more aerodynamic in corduroys, […]

Can big pharma lend a hand here?

Were you one of those kids who bit your nails down the quick or bit your skin until it bled? If you were, and your parents broke you of the […]

Snapple story hard to swallow

Sometimes, ad agencies get so giddy at the prospect of new business, they’re inclined to believe Web gags like this story, which is being passed around via e-mail. The “writers” […]

Springsteen: Don’t show me the money

We’re not sure how many people took the time on Saturday night to watch (or TiVo) the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on VH1. You may well […]

Nova Scotia. It’s not all woe and misery

For a tourism campaign, this is daring (or maybe just honest). For TV spots that will air in Ontario and New England, Nova Scotia is using an old Gaelic song […]

Pepsi/iTunes is the best thing ever

Recently, after getting eight losing bottle caps out of nine, we declared the Pepsi/iTunes promotion staggeringly flawed. “Since the odds of winning are so good (they’re 1 in 3), it’s […]

March Madness, only slightly deflated

Amid the fuss about March Madness, it turns out there’s a fair amount of March Indifference. In a Harris Poll fielded just prior to the start of the NCAA basketball […]

Oh, right, Pat O’Brien’s out today

As we are way into scientific analysis of the media, we went out into the field last night to conduct a study that we think is of critical importance to […]

‘The Osbournes,’ R.I.P.

Oh, the swearing, the misbehaving teenagers, the tiny little dogs, the intricate complexity of Ozzy trying to replace the trash-can liner. After four years, last night brought the final episode […]

Are low-sugar cereals really better for you?

Stop the presses—a new Associated Press study says experts who have examined the spate of new lower-sugar versions of breakfast cereals found they have no more significant nutritional value than […]