The redemption files: Kobe shills again

L.A. Laker Kobe Bryant has apparently earned his good name back in the view of at least one marketer; Nike is using his photo in its advertising again, two years […]

Is A-B getting a bit too patriotic?

Ever since the first used-car dealer set George Washington’s wooden teeth on edge by standing before a fluttering American flag and pledging to uphold your right to low, low prices, […]

Happy birthday to the Slurpee

Thank goodness for life’s simple pleasures, like the Slurpee, which turns 40 this week (joining fellow 40-year-old the Pillsbury Doughboy). I find comfort in knowing that I can always walk […]

‘Dave’ doesn’t exist, but he’s mighty helpful

Looking for ways to lure more of the nation’s 21 million teenagers to its search service, Yahoo! asked 215 college advertising schools to pitch their best ideas in a contest […]

Why are telemarketers so thick?

As I’ve said before, working from home gives me uncommon insight into the workings of telemarketers, even though I’m an inaugural member of the Do Not Call List. So lately […]

This isn’t an endorsement, but I love it!

I’ve heard “Don’t Phunk With My Heart,” on average, three or four times a day lately—and I do not own a radio. If I had one, I would’ve smashed it […]

Reznor lets fans remix NIN’s music

Say what you want about his music, but Trent Reznor knows how to treat his fans. Reuters reports that, “the Nine Inch Nails front man is inviting fans to download […]

Jessica’s cleavage is a wartime inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms. In Jessica Simpson’s case, her ABC special, Nick and Jessica’s Tour of Duty, inspired her to participate in GQ’s homage to wartime glamour girls. Meeting […]

Fanta-spitting OK’ed after 9 p.m.

Fanta’s ads are often weird, creepy and foreign, but now there is one that has been banned before 9 p.m. in Britain. A TV spot in the U.K. for the […]

Milking Lance’s last ride

Without Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France, the Outdoor Life Network would be in a pickle. Its primetime programming during the 49 other weeks of the year tends to […]