Maybe Arc isn’t so wild and crazy

OK, so perhaps the folks at Arc Worldwide—and Midwesterners in general—aren’t quite the wild, group-sex-loving, client-seducing crackpots we originally presumed them to be. The image of the bed in the […]

The perfect movie tie-in for Jell-O

OK, just wanted to get this out there. So, over the weekend, for the first time in several decades, we watched the original version of The Blob, co-starring Steve McQueen […]

Get ready for a whiff of Madonna

As a performer, and a human being, Madonna defies a lot of things: convention, common sense, good taste and usually decency. But now the Material Girl from Michigan is Defying […]

K9 Water, for the dog who has everything

If he could talk, old one-eared Bowzer would surely tell how he used to walk barefoot for miles, sleep on a moth-eaten blanket and drink from muddy puddles in the […]

No one’s smiling over ‘Colegate’

There have been so many “gate” scandals since Watergate that we’ve lost track of them. helps us out by compiling this list, which includes Nipplegate, Nannygate, Filegate, even Bastardgate. […]

49ers PR chief forgets PR rule No. 1

Public relations fiascoes don’t get much sillier than the one that hit the San Francisco 49ers last week, in large part because it was perpetuated by the NFL team’s own […]

What would make Britney’s show bearable?

Unless you recently crawled out of a bomb shelter, you’ve heard of Britney Spears’ new reality TV show, Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, on UPN. The show, which offers a sneak […]

Lisa Kudrow is back and better than ever

Since we are one of the few (not to mention proud) folks who have never watched even a single episode of Friends, it might seem strange to hear us wax […]

Coldplay sags under its own lofty image

Music-industry hype machines have doubled their output as Coldplay’s new album, X&Y, comes out tomorrow. The most enjoyable official ad, for us, was the full back page of yesterday’s New […]

Arc and the art of corporate canoodling

Just what is going on out there in the Midwest? AdFreak got an e-mail last week from Arc Worldwide, the Chicago-based, Publicis-owned marketing-services company, with an invitation to “find out […]