Get these people some new handlers!

Hey, marketing communications mogul, it’s time to look back into the possibilities of investing in a celebrity PR outfit, like maybe Leslee Dart’s new firm. We were thinking this just […]

Make millions by ransoming a rabbit

In February, we brought you the plight of a floppy-eared bunny named Toby, whose owners rescued him after a brawl with an alley cat and nursed him back to health. […]

Podcasting ads: Is 15 seconds the limit?

Maybe there are tons of them out there, but I had yet to come across a podcast with a radio-type ad at its beginning—until today, when I checked out Slate’s […]

Daly’s Hooters deal fits him to a tee

In addition to being perhaps the greatest golfer ever, Tiger Woods may be the sport’s best dressed, unless you go in for the plus-fours and tam o’ shanter look championed […]

Showtime’s definition of a year’s worth of ice cream may not be yours

Although ice cream season seems like it should be summer, the Showtime network has a new promotion that would work any time of year: free Haagen-Dazs for a year when […]

Spiderman coming to your Xbox

In both good and bad news for comic-book fans, Comic-Con 2005 brought news “that Microsoft and Marvel Enterprises Inc. have signed a licensing agreement that will see Marvel characters appear […]

And now, the cause-related dog tag

Add a Superman dog tag to your collection of charity jewelry. In addition to your white One and yellow LiveStrong bracelet (or whatever cause you wear on your wrist), now […]

Ad response to bombings in full swing

The award for the most foolish response to the London bombings goes to Irish airline Ryanair, which is endeavoring to sell plane tickets on the back of the attacks with […]

This post, on the other hand, is sort of about PETA

While “Chicken Skills,” the latest Carl’s Jr. ad for the Western Bacon Chicken Sandwich is amusing, the thought occurs: “Why doesn’t anyone defend chickens?” The spot shows a hapless bird, […]

A headline to remember, for all the wrong reasons

Truth in advertising strikes again. This time, it comes from Boston, where the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream chain, whose “Cake Batter” flavor gave 14 people salmonella (not in Boston, […]