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RABBIT HUNT — In an industry filled with creative types, why hasn’t somebody come up with a way for agencies to retain control of their best ideas? By MICHAEL SCHRAG

Chiat/Day doesn’t own the Energizer Bunny it c

Stupidly and self-destructively, the advertising industry has lashed itself to an outmoded compensation structure that guarantees its finest efforts will be undervalued and commoditized. While other businesses recognize the importance […]

DDB Needham’s Berlin to Steer VW By David Kile

NEW YORK – Volkswagen of America is trying to create a new era for itself in the U.S. with new executive leadership, and the introduction of its most important new pr

Berlin, who came to the agency from Omnicom agency Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein last spring, has taken control of the U.S. portion of the VW account, according to DDB Worldwide […]

New Perot Group Gets Ready to Roll: Supporters Seek Buying Firm For Direct Response Campaign By Richard Brunell

NEW YORK – Thought you’d seen the last of Ross Perot?

Think again.Supporters of the iconoclast Texan have quietly contacted four agencies and buying services around the country about handling a direct response TV campaign that will introduce a membership drive […]


Here’s a bit of good news (maybe) for advertisers: Commercial clutter will abate this year. Not on TV or in print, mind you, but on that equally ubiquitous bearer of […]

Chevy to Boost Ad Spending For Passenger Cars in ’93

NEW YORK – Chevrolet general manager J.C. Perkins said last week that the troubled GM division will get an increase in ad spending for 1993 as a measure to stem […]


For the movie industry, ’92 was a year where getting trailers out earlier to compete with the growing onslaught of movie images was one of the most-used new media techniques […]

Big Leap for CH&F: Agency Wins $5-10-Mil. Giant Eagle Supermarkets Account After Review By David Kile

NEW YORK – Calet, Hirsch & Ferrell here, a unit of Ross Roy Group, last week landed the $5-10-million Giant Eag

It is the first account win for the agency since John Ferrell arrived at the agency last May as creative director on non-Kmart business.The review for the Pittsburgh-based retailer’s account […]


Everyone knows smoking is bad for you, but now even non-smokers are at risk and The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is helping to get the message out with PSAs an

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency released a report that classifies environmental tobacco smoke as a ‘Class A’ carcinogen, the chemical known to cause cancer in humans. The CDC, through […]

Borden Plans Major Ad Support for New Snack Line By Michael McCarth

NEW YORK – Borden, which has been consolidating its formerly long list of advertising agencies at a blistering pace, may be set to review its Nor

Almost all of Borden’s snack advertising is currently handled by W.B. Doner/Southfield, Mich., according to company officials.The $7.2 billion food giant plans to test market a full line of Borden […]

Flying low: airlines’ bumpy year

It has taken the airline industry just a few short years to wipe out all the profits made in aviation since the Wright brothers took off. With losses of $10 […]