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WLUP radio in Chicago has always had attention-getting radio personalities and for the last eight years or so has also had notable advertising at the hands of its longtime partner […]

British shops look to make a connection: telecommunications accounts are a new source of revenue in the U.K. By Susannah Richmon

LONDON The freshly deregulated U.K. telecommunications industry is about to become b

Since British Telecom was privatized in 1984, the government has been granting licenses to would-be rival companies to end the former state-owned monopoly. So far, Mercury and Hutchison Telecom’s Microtel […]

Dentsu hire will shore up its U.S. base

Dentsu Corp. of America is prepared to announce a number of appointments this week–including the naming of Kazuo Kudo, as the No. 2 executive under president Keiji Matsushima– indicating a […]

MIXED SIGNALS: Even as a proposal to tax advertising is routed at the local level, similar measures seem to be gaining favor in the national arena By ALAN PELL CRAWFOR

Ever since Marion Barry got out of stir, the

Those in Ward 8 elected him to represent them in City Council, which is where he could be found on a drizzly Thursday in early March. Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly’s […]

New Tagline Will Beat Bud’s Current Theme

ST. LOUIS – ‘Nothing Beats a Bud’ for Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser brand is history, according to sources close to the brewer. A new theme is in the works and will probably […]

Gingiss Formal Wear: A FITTING FASHION By Kellie Krumplitsch and Henry En

AGENCY: Bozell/Chicago

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Cindy Bokhof, John GagneART DIRECTOR: John GagneCOPYWRITER: Deidre FitzpatrickPHOTOGRAPHER: Lee PageCLIENT: Gingiss InternationalAfter years of providing formal wear for every occasion, Gingiss International has come to recognize the […]


During the recession, publishers protected their flanks by cutting costs, upgrading titles, making selective acquisitions, and fine-tuning circulation.

Having gained a stronger position, they now hope to recoup with advertisers.Ira Weinblatt doesn’t want to talk about the current state of magazines. Back in his office after several days […]

Miller to Launch ‘Northern Exposure’ Promotion

MILWAUKEE – Miller Brewing will today announce an exclusive promotional tie to another of network television’s hottest properties, CBS’s

The link-up, involving the company’s Miller Genuine Draft brand, comes on the heels of the mega-brewer’s $30-million multi-media extension program of its National Basketball Association sponsorship, and could signal an […]

Northwest Airlines Prepares To Bring Aboard the Lane Agency

MINNEAPOLIS – Northwest Airlines is expected to announce another addition to its advertising partnership this week, the Lane Agency of New York, a recently-formed consulting company headed by former J. […]

In Search of Younger Consumers, Gallo Winery Turns to FCB

SAN FRANCISCO – E&J Gallo Winery, the world’s largest winemaker, has grown nervous about a younger generation of consumers who don’t drink wine and has turned to Foote, Cone & […]