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Testa Stays on Top Of Shifting Biz in Italy — Nielsen Tracks 6% Growth In Ad Spending in January By Fabiana Giacomott

MILAN – The concentration of Italian advertising agencies and the loss of just under 200 jobs

Armando Testa retained its No. 1 position among the ad agencies here, with billings growth of 16% to $386.6 million in 1992. The shop outpaced the ad industry as a […]

Twentieth Century Fox Dismisses Media Buying Firms From Review — First-Round Kayo of L.A.’s ICG and Vitt Media May Signal Movie Studio’s Interest in Signing a Full-Service Ad Agency

LOS ANGELES – Twentieth Century Fox trimmed two media buying firms from its list of agency contenders last week, a sign that the studio may be leaning toward a full-service […]

Publicis Merger Puts Arge in Spain’s Top 10 — Buyout Helps Shop Leap Upward While Tapsa NW Ayer Holds Onto No. 1

MADRID – After its buyout of Arge, Publicis FCB Arge made it into the top 10 ad agencies in Spain in 1992, a year that was highlighted by top-ranked shop […]

Miller Launches Teaser Ads for Clear Beer

MILWAUKEE – Miller Brewing Co. last week announced that Austin, Texas; Minneapolis; and Richmond, Va.; will be the first three test-markets for the company’s first-ever clear beer called Miller Clear. […]


The Dairy Farmers of Oregon are plugging milk as ‘the new miracle diet aid’ in a campaign from Borders, Perrin & Norrander/Portland, Ore. Drink up, and you can look like […]

Fox trims to three

Rnhi. Postaer & Associates/L.A. and SFM Media/N.Y., a latecomer to the estimated $53-million Twentieth Century Fox media review, are believed to have been eliminated from the contest last week as […]

Sebastian to Young Women: Think First, Primp Later — Bomb Factory Helps Hair Care Maker Dump Glamour In Favor of a New Order of Priorities By Kathy Tyre

WOODLAND HILLS, CALIF. – First, worry about things like God

Sebastian International’s advertising effort, running this month in the top 12 media markets, is being backed by a $15-million media blitz over a six-week period.The campaign is a departure for […]

Deliver us the news By Michael Schrag

In their own narrowcast way, CNN, ESPN and MTV are terrific. So are HSN and the Weather Channel. But what about a channel for us? Where’s our Ted Turner and Bob Pittman? The m

The Weather Channel has weather maps; the Media Channel would have media maps. Instead of seeing a cold front moving up, say, the East Coast, viewers could track the flow […]

The impresario of Madison Avenue By Richard Morga

Look behind the flurry of Omnicom activity and you’ll find the del% hand of an impresario. It’s the hand of chairman Bruce Crawford, to be precise, and it’s obviou

“After a few years of trying to get the (Met’s) curtain up at 8 o’clock every night,” Crawford admits, “I am a little more understanding, I suppose, of how people […]

Super Bowl XXVII is now up for bid By Eric Schmuckle

NEW YORK–Super Bowl XVIII is officially up for grabs. Pat Bowlen, Denver Broncos owner and broadcast committee member, said that a decision to put the game up

“We’ll go to the networks in the next two or three weeks,” said Bowlen. “We have another owners meeting in the first part of May,” he added, so the process […]