Zoraida Sambolin on Returning to WMAQ: ‘The Response Has Been Humbling’

By Merrill Knox 

zoraida sambolin_304x200As Zoraida Sambolin prepares to rejoin WMAQ, she does a Q+A with Robert Feder about her return to Chicago:

What’s been the response to your return to NBC 5?

The response has been humbling. Many of our loyal viewers followed my career at CNN, prayed for me during my health crisis and are now embracing my return to their morning routine. I feel incredibly fortunate. The team I left has changed a bit, but they’ve all been very welcoming, and the staff and crew have always been like family. It all feels right and Daniella [Guzman] is excited about her new opportunities in L.A.

Does the place seem any different since you left?

Funny you should ask. I have been trying to figure out for the past week why I feel a little disconnected . . . it’s because there is no street side studio! That is the biggest change for me. I really enjoyed meeting our viewers on the plaza and connecting with people who were passing by. I have to step up my communication on Twitter and Facebook to maintain that attachment. Also our new owner Comcast has poured vast resources into news, so our staff is bigger and our coverage greater. There’s great momentum, we’ve had a banner year, and I’m looking forward to joining a winning team.