Zev Shalev Leaves ‘Early’ Post to Launch Web Venture

By Andrew Gauthier 


As ABC shuffled the on-air lineup of its morning show, a significant change was made at CBS’s “The Early Show.”

On Wednesday, Zev Shalev, who has served as executive producer of “The Early Show” for the past year and a half, announced to his staff that he was leaving the post.


Shalev’s announcement was followed by a memo from CBS News and Sports president Sean McManus in which McManus emphasized that Shalev has “helped position ‘The Early Show’ as a serious contender in morning TV.”

Shalev is set to launch a new web venture called NewTsar that aims to, as the Associated Press put it, “bring together traditional news content and social media.”

As he prepared to move on from “The Early Show,” Salev spoke with Felix Gillette of The New York Observer and said that with NewTsar he hopes “to marry news content with all the social media tools out there, whether it’s Twitter or Facebook or even various iPhone apps.” The NewTsar project has reportedly been in development for several months and Salev expects to have it launch within six months.