‘X Factor’ Key in Simon Cowell Deal

By Andrew Gauthier 

The Hollywood Reporter

Britain’s “The X Factor” may be coming to the U.S. via Fox and a deal with the show’s creator, “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell.

Cowell, in the final year of his contract on “Idol,” had been open about his desire to bring his mega-hit British format to the U.S., something he couldn’t do under his existing “Idol” pact.

Now Fox and Cowell are said to be hammering out a deal to launch an American version of “X Factor” — while locking in Cowell as an “Idol” judge for two more years, through the 2011-12 season.

The deal has not been finalized and major points are being negotiated, but it is rumored that Cowell could earn about $50 million a season for “Idol” and, in success, “X Factor” might bring him an additional $50 million a cycle. More…