WXMI Apologizes for Anchor’s ‘Inappropriate Word’; Viewers Rush to Anchor’s Defense

By Mark Joyella 


The Grand Rapids Press reports a Facebook apology by Grand Rapids Fox affiliate WXMI took an unusual turn, with viewers flooding the page with critical comments. “FOX 17’s Facebook page exploded this morning over an apology for an inappropriate word uttered during Sunday evening’s 11 p.m. news.,” wrote Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk.

The Press reports hundreds of people commented on an apology posted by the station’s news director, which vowed to “take corrective action” after the incident, noting the station has a “zero tolerance” policy for profanity on air. But commenters were more concerned with the punishment than the crime:

There were nearly 750 “likes” for the most popular comment so far, posted one hour after Blanton’s apology, by Marc Oppenheimer, of Muskegon:

“Mistakes happen. A simply apology would have sufficed. Advertising that you intend to discipline an employee is extremely unprofessional however. I am more offended you decided to publicize your decision making and intent to discipline than I am by anything you said.”

Chris Smith has drawn more than 300 “likes” for posting, “I will stop watching FOX 17 if she is fired. Everyone makes mistakes.”

The original post was later deleted.