WTVR Reporter, Audio Operator Go Public With Cancer Battles

By Mark Joyella 

Tracy Sears, a reporter at Richmond CBS affiliate WTVR, has decided to share her private battle with cancer–a fight she shares with another member of the WTVR news staff, Yvonne Libron, an award-winning audio operator:

In November Yvonne learned she had stage 3 breast cancer, and I learned that I had invasive cervical cancer.

I was 38, and three months pregnant with my third child. I was terrified, not for myself, but the life of my unborn baby and my young family.

Sears gave birth to a healthy baby, and is now cancer free. Libron has completed her treatment and is doing well. They both hope talking about their experiences will help others:

While we feel fortunate, we both still have our moments. The knowledge of surviving – defying death—is something that can make the day emotional.

And while yes, statistically, our stories are more rare, these same things are still happening to women just like us; mothers and daughters, wives and sisters.

But that’s why we wanted to share this story, hoping to empower women. It’s our hope that in telling this difficult story, we can make a difference, and help anyone remember that you have a life to live fully.