WTVJ Meteorologist Shiri Spear Donates Blood Stem Cells to Anonymous Cancer Patient

By Merrill Knox 

Shiri Spear, a meteorologist at NBC owned-and-operated WTVJ in Miami, is donating her blood stem cells to an anonymous cancer patient she has never met.

Spear, who signed up to be a bone marrow donor in 2006, said she got a call several months ago saying she was a match. “I know it’s a 40-year-old male. I know that he has Hodgkin’s [lymphoma],” she said (watch the video, above). “In a year maybe I’ll get to meet him when I’m allowed to request to, so we’ll see.”


Spear, who has been with WTVJ since last year, is the mother of two young daughters. “Think about the people that you love and then imagine that they were sick and that you couldn’t help them, and depending on that stranger, and you could be that stranger,” she said. “You could help save a life, and that’s an incredible feeling.”