WTAE Reporter Rescues Moo the Cat

By Merrill Knox 

A South Strabane, PA family spent eight helpless days knowing their cat was stuck in a tree before WTAE reporter Sheldon Ingram came to the rescue.

The Carr family cat, Moo, climbed a 40-foot tree near in the woods near their home. The family called the fire department but were told the department’s trucks could not navigate the hilly area to free Moo.

“(I) lost a lot of sleep over it. You can hear him crying outside the window. He’s been out there for eight days without any water or food,” said Jessica Carr.

The family had the idea to call WTAE on Monday. The ABC affiliate sent Ingram out with a crew, and the successful rescue was made. Ingram climbed a 20-foot ladder and lured Moo into his arms with a bag of treats. Watch video of the rescue here.