WPTV in Miami Dumps Dr. Phil for Dr. Oz

By Andrew Gauthier 

It looks as though stations in South Florida are choosing Oprah’s newest medical protege over her original one, Dr. Phil. South Florida news blog, SFLTV, has the current developments and speculation…
Last month one of our rabid readers told us WPTV had given Dr. Phil the boot from their airwaves. We looked around and couldnt find this confirmed or denied but now it appears that it is very much true.

Turns out WPTV did give Dr Phil the boot to make way for Oprahs newest creation, The Doctor Oz Show hosted by yes Dr. Mehmet Oz.

For Miami/Ft Lauderdale Oprah.com lists WTVJ and WPLG. It doesnt specify either or just shows both stations for whatever reason. Maybe they havent hashed the details out yet? West Palm Beach will get Oz via WPTV, in Dr Phils spot if we had to guess. Full article.. .