WPLG Photojournalist Says He Was Fired for ‘Stealing Eyeballs’

By Kevin Eck 

A WPLG photojournalist says he’s been fired from his job at the Miami ABC affiliate for “stealing eyeballs.”

The photographer, identified by FTVLive which first reported the story, as John Gustavo said he was fired for competing against his employer. After working at WPLG all day, Gustavo would then report local stories and post them to social media under the name thebreakingnewsreporter on Instagram and on YouTube.

Saying he was going back to “square one,” Gustavo said he was fired from his job “at a TV News station, and for what?? Competition? ‘Stealing eyeballs’!! Causing a small amount of damage to a work vehicle that can be fixed with insurance?? Whatever….”


Gustavo, who also said he was the “hardest working integrity building honor showing humble giving heavy hitting reporter ever” on his Instagram page, added that his colleagues lives “are made a living hell and dreams crushed by toxic and disastrous upper management!”

“Point is don’t let anyone control you especially on your time off, when you clock out focus on you!” he wrote. “Remember we all can die at any moment, so damn it just put yourself first!!”