WTVJ’s Justin Finch Gets IFB Stuck in His Ear: ‘Worst Nightmare Come True’

By Kevin Eck 

Justin Finch, a reporter for WTVJ, the NBC owned station in Miami, had an IFB malfunction that required a bit of medical attention.

“This was a definite worst nightmare come true,” Finch told TVSpy.  “After a live hit at 5:30, I pulled the IFB out of my ear, and only the corded part came out. The ear piece portion was still stuck inside my ear, and because it’s the flexible, plastic kind, it had managed to become lodged pretty deep. It could really only be seen with a flashlight. So, for more than an hour, I panicked about losing my hearing on the way back to the our offices in Miramar. ”

Urged on by his boss, Finch said he went to Miramar Fire Station 84 next door to WTVJ and, “the paramedics were able to use very small, thin tweezers to pull it out. That process was painless, and may have taken two minutes, and best of all, I can still hear!”

Finch also took to twitter to thank fellow reporter Christina Hernandez and give a shout out to the paramedics who removed the offending IFB saying “Thanks for being moral support! @ChristinaNBC6: IFB problems solved! @JustinNBC6 is ok 🙂 Yeah Miramar Station 84!”