WNYW News Director Wants to Wake Up Local TV News

By Kevin Eck 

Byron Harmon is a first time news director working in the nation’s number one market.

The news director for FOX owned WNYW sat down with TVSpy to talk about his news philosophy, which the station showed off recently during breaking news. While other stations were going wall-to-wall, WNYW broke in to regular programming for a one-minute (TVSpy timed it) update. “How often do we have a house fire that really affects us?” said Harmon.

By turning his 6:00 p.m over to NYC veteran anchor Ernie Anastos for a more intimate conversation about issues he says people really care about and letting morning anchors Greg Kelly and Rosanna Scotto entertain as much as they inform, Harmon is, as he says, not trying to “out WABC, WABC.”