WNEM Interview Embroils Longtime Congressman in Sexual Abuse Scandal

By Andrew Gauthier 

In a story that was six months in the making, WNEM aired an exclusive one-on-one interview this week with a man who accuses longtime U.S. congressman Dale Kildee of sexually molesting him 50 years ago.

The interview has grabbed national headlines as Kildee, who has served Michigan’s 5th congressional district since 1977, vehemently denies the allegations.

Patrick Kildee, the congressman’s second cousin, sat down with WNEM’s Katie O’Mara and graphically detailed a series of sexual encounters he says he had with Dale Kildee in 1964, when he was 15 and Dale was 35.

The incidents allegedly occurred while Dale was on the campaign trail, running for a Michigan State House of Representatives seat. Patrick tagged along during the campaign and at night Dale would allegedly take advantage of him.

Patrick told O’Mara that the sexual abuse continued for at least two years (video of the interview below).

The congressman, who announced his retirement earlier this year, has repeatedly denied the accusations from his second cousin. On Monday, Dale told the Flint Journal that he “in no way, shape, manner or form–ever” had a sexual relationship with Patrick.

After repeatedly trying to book a one-on-one interview with the congressman, O’Mara caught up with Dale outside of a function he was attending and asked him to voice his reaction to his cousin’s claims. Raw video of the tense encounter is here.