WMGM Losing NBC Affiliation and News Operation in New Year

By Kevin Eck 

wmgm_logoAs we’ve been reporting, WMGM, the NBC affiliate out of Linwood, New Jersey, is losing its NBC affiliation December 31.

The South Jersey station airs the only news broadcasting from the state of New Jersey affiliated with a major network. Viewers opposed the sale of WMGM to LocusPoint last year over fears the new owner would sell off the station’s spectrum.

In a post on the station’s website, WMGM says Access.1, the company operating the station, intends to keep the news operation running even though its contract with Locuspoint ends the same day the affiliation ends.

Here is the good news – while Access.1 will not be operating the WMGM-TV channel, the company has taken steps to continue and expand our news product on a new broadcast channel. This plan calls for our new company to be comprised of our current news, sales, management, and administration teams and would expand to nine counties in southern New Jersey, filling a much needed void for news, weather and sports coverage here in South Jersey.