WMAR Responds to Mythical Hashtag War Declared by YouTube Stars

By Kevin Eck 

WMAR has responded to the hashtag war declared by former cable TV stars and current YouTube personalities Rhett and Link over the use of the twitter hashtag #GMM.

The two were using the hashtag for their show Good Mythical Morning until they discovered it was also being used by Memphis FOX owned station WHBQ and Baltimore ABC affiliate WMAR for their shows Good Morning Memphis and Good Morning Maryland.


In the declaration of their two front hashtag war against WHBQ and WMAR, they offered their terms of surrender: Relinquish the use of #GMM via verbal declaration and Rhett and Link would give them a custom jingle for their shows.

While WHBQ simply changed its hashtag to #FOX13GMM, WMAR sent TVSpy a link to its video response. The station is letting it be known it will not surrender so easily. They, too, have demands. You can see Rhett and Link’s declaration and WMAR’s demands after the jump.

WMAR news director Kelly Groft told TVSpy, “…our Director of New Media, Brian Troutman, spoke to them on the phone yesterday. We’re having a little fun with it. It’s a social experiment of sorts. We have demands, as you’ll see in our video (see above), which we’ve placed on our website.”

Here’s what WMAR says it wants in return for giving up its hashtag:

A lock of Rhett’s hair
Good Mythical Morning T-Shirts, mugs, doormats, mousepads
They want their ABC2 logo placed on the wheel the two use in their show
A “tweet up” to help the Maryland Food Bank.
And they want Rhett and Link to appear on the morning show to agree to the terms of surrender.

Rhett and Link tweeted their acceptance of WHBQ’s surrender.

Groft explained why the three (now two) media entities were using the same hashtag in the first place, “Since we are GMM, we used the #, it’s actually the only daypart that gets its own hashtag. At the time nobody popped up, and again if you even look at last week you’ll mainly see us.”