WLWT Celebrates 65 Years On Air

By Kevin Eck 

Cincinnati NBC affiliate WLWT will celebrate 65 years of broadcasting.

The first Cincinnati broadcast television station went on the air on February 9, 1948. At the time, WLWT was an NBC/ABC/CBS DuMont station on channel 4. One year later it dropped the other networks and stuck with NBC. Three years later moved up one click on the old VHF dial to channel 5.

The station celebrated on-air with cupcakes in the shape of the number “65” held up by morning show anchors Lisa Cooney, Todd Dykes, meteorologist Randi Rico and traffic reporter Kyla Woods.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Powel Crosley, Jr. began experimenting with TV in July 1947 airing the first Cincinnati Reds game, the first University of Cincinnati football and basketball game, the first religious service and the first weather show.

The Enquirer said the folks broadcasting the first football game learned their lesson about crossing the 180 degree axis when they set up two cameras at opposite sides of the 50 yard line.  Switching between the two made it look like players were running in opposite directions.

The station has a short blurb about the anniversary on its website.  Click here to view. The site includes old logos, images and a slideshow station tour.