WLS Reporter Spends Weekends on the Ice

By Stephanie Tsoflias Siegel 

She’s not quitting her day job but WLS reporter Evelyn Holmes is learning how to play ice hockey on her spare time.

In a Chicago Tribune feature, the ABC reporter says she’s always had a love for the game and now she spends Sunday mornings on the ice.

“My kids (ages 12 and 7) think it’s funny,” Holmes said. “They like it, but they think I’m really, really slow. They’re like, ‘You need to get faster, Mommy!’ Yeah, well, Mommy’s trying,” she said.


The 52 year old reporter says while it’s a hobby she is also trying connect hockey to the black and Latino children in Chicago.

“I just want to be good enough that other people that look like me will have an interest in it,” she said. “Why? It’s discipline, it’s focus, it’s athleticism. You interact with people that you wouldn’t normally interact with.”

You can read the full story and see video of Holmes in action here.