WLS Just Got ‘First of Its Kind’ Weather Radar

By Kevin Eck 

Chicago ABC-owned station WLS says its viewers will get to see its new radar, Live Doppler 7 Max beginning Monday on the 4 p.m. newscast.

The new radar, which the station says is the first of its kind for a commercial broadcaster, will have one-million watts of power and uses S-Band radar. S-Band is used by NASA to communicate the International Space Station.

“ABC 7 has been granted the first dual pole, S-Band Doppler radar license in the country,” says WLS. “Prior to ABC 7’s radar installation, the S-Band frequency was only available to the National Weather Service and the military.”

“As a meteorologist and someone who loves technology, I’m really looking forward to the state-of-the-art advantage LIVE DOPPLER 7 MAX will give our team by providing dramatically faster updates on storm location,” says chief meteorologist Jerry Taft. “S-Band technology can also punch through an existing storm so we can see what’s coming next. This effective tool will help us bring our viewers the best possible information about weather in their area.”

Here’s a pic of Cheryl Scott at the radar site.
CHERYL at radar.Sub.02