WITI Chief Meteorologist to Retire After 34 Years

By Kevin Eck 

WITI chief meteorologist Vince Condella is retiring in May.

Condella started at the Tribune-owned Milwaukee Fox affiliate in 1982 and was named chief meteorologist in 1983.

“Simply put, Vince Condella is Milwaukee weather,” said WITI president and gm Chuck Steinmetz. “From the first day I started working with Vince it was obvious to me that Vince and the FOX 6 Weather Expert team didn’t just tell you the weather facts, instead to this day they guide you through a forecast in way that allows us to understand.”

“I am fortunate to be working for this TV station for over three decades,” said Condella, who retires May 25. “They have always given me the freedom to share with our viewers my interests in astronomy, nature, and other scientific topics and encouraged me to take my on-air presentations beyond daily weather. I have had an interest in meteorology since third grade. WITI-TV allowed me to fulfill a lifelong passion.”