With His Ratings Sliding, Olbermann Attacks Critics

By Andrew Gauthier 


With ratings for his show down 44% compared to January of last year, Keith Olbermann is on the defensive. Both the Los Angeles Times and the New York Post asked the same question this week: “Has the countdown begun for the end of ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann?'”

While MSNBC deals with damage control over the host’s January slide to #3 in primetime, behind Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly and HLN’s Nancy Grace, Olbermann is locked into a war of words with a columnist for Daily Finance.


Last week Jeff Bercovici, the media columnist for AOL’s Daily Finance, cited ratings erosion and recent criticism from pop culture luminaries like Jon Stewart in posing the question, “Is America Getting Over Keith Olbermann?” Olbermann quickly shot back at Bervovici on his show, questioning the legitimacy of Bercovivi’s news outlet and referring to it as “a right-wing site called, uh, Daily Finance or Finance Daily.”

In a follow-up column, Bercovici called Olbermann’s characterization of Daily Finance “an outright lie” and added: “stuff like this is why people like Jon Stewart and me increasingly have questions about your intellectual honesty and integrity. Knock it off already.”