Williams Set to Mark 5 Years as ‘Nightly’ Anchor

By Andrew Gauthier 


By the time America is celebrating the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree Wednesday night, Brian Williams will have hit the five-year mark as anchor and managing editor of “NBC Nightly News.”

From his office in 30 Rock, wearing a collared shirt and cardigan combo that could have been borrowed from a couture line of “My Three Sons” menswear, Williams sets the scene for his celebration plans.

“I’ll do what all NBC employees do [the night of the tree lighting],” he said. “I come back to our offices, turn down polite offers of room-temperature eggnog, and wait until the switch is thrown and join an exodus that looks like the fall of Saigon as we try to exit from this building, stealthily. I take the subway to an undisclosed location in New York. I then surface, and Im met by a special yellow car with a light up box and thats how I get home on this night, once a year.”

No town cars, toasts, or staff dinners, just a trip back to his house in Connecticut, where he might not have noticed this anniversary had the media not informed him. He’s already thinking about tomorrow. More…