Why Did WTTG Use an Empty Chair During a Transit Discussion?

By Kevin Eck 

Taking a cue from Clint Eastwood, Washington, D.C. Fox-owned station WTTG put out an empty chair during a discussion about the beleaguered Metro system.

WTTG says it has been trying to get Metro GM Paul Wiedefeld on air for weeks, but he hasn’t been available. So the station pulled up an empty seat and sent out a public invite.


“We’re aware of your request,” the GM’s office replied. “He is available for your reporters to ask questions to address the concerns of your viewers tomorrow at 11. Because he often has early morning meetings, the in-studio or talkbacks during the morning show are a bit tougher to schedule.”

The first empty chair public shaming can be credited to Clint Eastwood, who pulled up a chair for President Obama at the 2012 Republican National Convention.