WHSV Reports on Station Sales Guy Who Owes Back Taxes … He’s Also City Mayor

By Kevin Eck 

WHSV did a story about the mayor of Harrisonburg, Va., owing nearly $60,000 in back taxes. The mayor was easy to track down. He works at the station.

WHSV says Christopher Jones, who is an account executive at the Harrisonburg ABC affiliate, didn’t tell voters he owed the money. Jones serves on the city’s finance committee.

“I made a mistake, and I literally have to pay for my mistake, and that’s something that happens in life,” said Jones. “If someone chooses to judge me as a person with bad character, that would be disappointing, because I don’t think I’m a person with bad character. I think I’m a person that made a mistake.”

The mayor/station ae admits he owes the money and says his debt comes from not filing his taxes properly.

“I greatly apologize if anyone is disappointed in me owing the IRS. I hope that they understand that I’ve been forthright and honest with them,” said Jones. “It’s not something I’m hiding from.”