Which News Woman Has the Best Hair? Here’s the Answer by State

By Kevin Eck 

The Hairrys are in.

In case you’re out of the loop, the Hairrys “celebrate fabulous hair and the people who have it.” The website Get Good Head says it looks at multiple images and video of all the contestants, consults with stylists and creatives and then decides a winner for each state.

Some highlights? “Besides her perfectly styled hair, Verser is rocking a reddish/orange power suit and giving us eyes for days!” The contest writes about Alabama winner WBRC‘s Sarah Verser (pictured).

California runner-up Janelle Wang from KNTV: “Whether it’s wavy or straight, slick or voluminous, it’s always looking Wang-tastic!”

Connecticut runner-up WTNH‘s Teresa Dufour: “Elegant and flowing, her cocoa locks remind us of delicious chocolate waterfall in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – watch out Augustus!”

South Dakota’s Hailey Higgins from KELO? “Higgins says that she feels lucky to be living her dream, and thanks to her near-perfect hair, she’s living our dream too.”

Here’s what they look for:

When choosing our recipients we look for the following characteristics:
Full hair, no signs of thinning
Current/Trendy Styling
Natural Colors
Complimentary to overall look and facial features
We do not take into consideration whether or not it is dyed, ironed, real or fake, grey or blonde, long or short. We also do not take into consideration the level of attractiveness of the recipient. We only look at the hair’s overall hair quality.

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