Where Will Steve Edwards Sit Next? The Case of the Moving FOX Anchor

By Kevin Eck 

An eagle-eyed TVSpy reader tipped us off recently that KTTV morning show host Steve Edwards has been moving chairs on the set of Good Day LA.

Up until May 6, Edwards was sitting center at the Good Day desk, then May 7 everything changed. He was sitting at the far right end of the desk. We received word yesterday he was still far right, but this time he was standing. Did someone take his chair?

The move was written about on another media site and our faithful reader thought Edwards’ rightways migration might be KTTV code for something nefarious, as in “we’ll keep moving him right…right off the set.” While this post is easing towards red on the sarcasm meter, it does show that details like where an anchor sits is important to viewers.

The good people at FOX told TVSpy there is no ulterior motive behind the moving anchorman. They said they’re simply experimenting with anchor positions on the new set.

Of course, if Edwards begins reporting from the bathroom or starts “working from home” maybe our reader can tell us he told us so.