‘What’s Your Next Point?’ Al Sharpton Doesn’t Like WTNH Reporter’s Questions

By Kevin Eck 

The Reverend Al Sharpton was in Hartford Saturday for a peace rally when a WTNH reporter’s line of questioning got the reverend a bit unpeaceful-like.

First, the event got heated after organizers started asking for donations. Sharpton told the unruly crowd the money raised during the event would be used to build a memorial for those killed by violence and offered $1,000 of his own money for the cause.

After the rally, WTNH reporter Josh Scheinblum asked Sharpton if his donation was a “stunt” and also asked about Sharpton’s “financial improprieties” which set Sharpton off. Scheinblum was referring to a New York Times report about Sharpton’s tax troubles.


“Again, you come to provoke,” Sharpton told Scheinblum. “And when it didn’t work, you get disappointed. So you’re going to run to some tax (inaudible), that are paid by the way, now. There are no improprieties. There are not even any taxes due. So what’s your next point?” Sharpton then added “I’ll stay here all day and answer. Because you have nothing.”