What’s Next for Retiring WDIV Anchor?

By Kevin Eck 

The Detroit Free Press is asking what’s next for retiring anchor Carmen Harlan.

We reported earlier this week that Harlan is retiring from the Detroit NBC affiliate in November after 38 years at the station.

The Free Press says Harlan has agreed to stick around to do some passion projects.

“To a degree, we’re going to announce specifically some of the projects she’s going to work on in this role,” said station gm Marla Drutz. “There’s an awful lot of issues in the community that we would like to be able to drill down on even more. It can be things about kids, things about education. And I can see Carmen doing special programming that might drill down on some of these key issues. I see her playing a role at the station.”

Drutz also said she can see Harlan in a mentoring role.

“Every year, we have young people come through, and I can definitely see her being involved in some kind of program like that,” said Drutz.”And I would love to think that she’ll still play a part in auto show coverage and the fireworks coverage and certainly the (Thanksgiving) parade. A lot will depend on what Carmen wants and the things she wants to do in this next chapter.”

“She’s iconic in this market and if she wants to still contribute, albeit on a lesser basis, I think we’re so pleased by that decision on her part and really happy we’ll be able to accommodate her,” said Drutz.