What is Happening? Detroit Station Makes Odd Video About Crawdad Out for a Walk

By Kevin Eck 

If you had to choose between watching this and watching TVSpy This Week, choose TVSpy This Week. But this is pretty good, too.

Words really can’t describe the genius behind the odd video from Detroit NBC affiliate WDIV about a crawdad out for a walk. A former intern at the station named Brian put together a remix of a story about a crawdad crawling around the streets of Detroit.

Set to dance music, the crawdad starts on the waterfront, then goes walks on the news set, over the city and through various reporter stand ups. It aired on Jason Carr Live, the station’s livestream show. Click here to view it after you watch TVSpy This Week.

“I’m just a crawdad,” sang Jason Carr. “Out for a walk.”

Happy Friday, everyone and watch TVSpy This Week!

Here’s the complete show. The crawdad starts around 2:20.